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El circo del sol

    En próximas fechas vamos a comenzar una Unidad Didáctica titulada «El circo del Sol». Probablemente hayáis oído hablar de este espectáculo ya que es muy conocido en el mundo entero. Básicamente lo que hacen consiste en crear coreografías en la que un grupo de acróbatas o malabaristas tienen que coordinar unos movimientos utilizando unos materiales y adaptándose a una música. Algo parecido es lo que vamos a hacer nosotros. Haremos grupos, elegiremos unos materiales, utilizaremos una música determinada  y con todo ello crearemos una pequeña coreografía. Como una imagen vale más que mil palabras, aquí tenéis algunos ejemplos de lo que estamos hablando.





Enjoy these amazing videos with 2 exceptional climbers.

[youtube width=»210″ height=»172″][/youtube]

[youtube width=»210″ height=»172″][/youtube]

In addition you can read the english vocabulary related to the unit:

Wall bars

To climb – To go up

To go down

To move around

To move from…… to……

To step on

To turn- To turn around

Point of contact


To take the handky off



It is a game played with a hard ball and bat, between two teams of nine players each.

Baseball is the national game of theUnited States, because it is the most popular sport there. It is played by people of all ages.

The team that scores the most runs (when a batter goes through the bases and home) wins the game.

The pitcher in the defender team throws the ball towards the batter, a player on the attacking team.

The batter tries to hit the ball into the field. If he hits the ball he then runs around the bases.

The defenders in the field try to put him out.

Batters and runners can be put out in many ways.

The catcher tries to catch the ball thrown by the pitcher when the batter doesn´t want to hit the ball or can´t hit it.

The umpire decides if the ball thrown by the pitcher went through the right zone (over the base and in between the knees and shoulders of the batter).


Here you can watch an interesting video about baseball


Flying saucer (frisbee)

Here you can watch 2 amazing videos about frisbees. Enjoy them.



In addittion you can see some english vocabulary related to the unit:


The game start with a pull towards the opponent team while shouting “ultimate”. There is a draw to decide who start the game.

The player who takes the frisbee can not run or walk and only have 10 seconds to throw the frisbee. They can only move one foot. The time is counted by one opponente player. The defender must, at least, stay three metres from the attacker.

Your team scores a point when a player takes the frisbee in the end zone.

If the frisbee drops the game goes on.

Interesting words:

Throw away




out of bounds

Stalls (if the player does not throw tehe frisbee in ten minutes time).


Juggling is a skill involving moving objects for entertainment or sport. The most recognizable form of juggling is toss juggling, in which the juggler throws objects up to catch and toss up again. This may be one object or many objects, at the same time with one or many hands. Jugglers often refer to the objects they juggle as props. The most common props are balls .

In our lessons we will try to improve our skills by following this process:




1 ball

1- Toss the ball with one hand and catch it with the same hand.  0,25
2- Toss the ball with one hand and catch it with the opposite hand. 0,5
3- The same exercise with the other hand  1

2 balls, one ball in each hand

4- Toss the ball with one hand and take it with the opposite hand. While the ball is in the air you pass the other ball and toss it with the same hand. 2
5- The same exercise with the other hand.  3
6- Toss the ball with one hand and catch it with the same hand. Just now throw the other ball with the opposite hand. Balls don´t cross. 4
7- Similar to the last one but throwing the ball before catching the previous one. 5
8- Similar to the last one but now balls cross in the air so each ball is caught with the opposite hand. 6
9- One ball in each hand. They are tossed at the same time and they are caught with the same hand. Balls don´t cross. 7
10- Similar to the last one but now balls are caught with the opposite hand so balls cross in the air. 8
Two balls in the same hand
11- Toss one ball and quickly throw the other one so that we can catch the first ball with the same hand. 8,5
12- Similar to the last one but now you have to  be able of performing the exercise quickly in a rotary pattern. 9

3 balls

13- 2 balls in the right hand and one ball in the left hand.  10

Here you can watch some videos about the topic.



It,s a game played with a small ball, between two teams of seven players.

The team that scores most goals, wins the match.


Each team is :

 – a defender team (try to bother or obstruct the opponent-adversary team)

  – and an attacking team (try to score a goal and  pass the ball at your playmates)




The playing court has two goal areas and a playing area.


The goals are inside the goal area and must have a net.


RULES – FOULS (a team commits a violation of rules).

  • The players avoid to enter the goal area (except for the goalkeeper)
  • Two many steps without bouncing
  • Holding the ball more than 3 seconds.
  • Holding or pushing or hitting the opponent player.



  • Throw in
  • Free – throw
  • The goalkeeper throw
  • The 7-meter throw
  • The throw off (at the start the game, each half, after a goal)



Rugby is an outdoor sport played by teams of 15 players. It uses an oval ball.




Go back-forward

Get a try





Gain possession

Lose possession

Keep possession



Get clear



Rugby is played on a field, called a pitch, that is longer and wider than a football field. A typical pitch is 100 meters long and 70 meters wide.


Try line







Any player can carry, pass or kick the ball.

The ball may be passed to any other player. However, it may only be passed laterally or backward, never forward.

There are four ways for a team to score points:

Try: Five points

Conversion: Following a try, two points

Penalty Kick: Three points

Drop Goal: Three points