Female professional volleyball players in action on grand court


 –          Rotate  clockwise or anti-clockwise

–          The boundary line is good/ in

–          Teams rotate each time they  serve. They switch positions.

–          You can not touch the net.

–          The referee judges


 –          Game will be played to 25 points.

–          A team scores a point by grounding the ball on the opponent´s court.

–          To gain the serve.


 –          End line – side line – back boundary line – boundary lines

–          Divided into 2 halves.

–          Back row – front row.


 –          Serving team- opposing team.

–          Attacker (player)

–          To be on offence – The team on defence


 –          Ace: point in the serve

–          Sideout: fault on the serve

–          Roof- Stuff: blocks

–          Dig: Prevent the ball from grounding

–          Kill: Spike with a point.

–          The ball contacts the floor.

–          The player strikes the ball


 –          Serve: underhand and overhand serve, jump serve.

–          Pass or reception: underarm pass or bumps – overhand pass with the fingertips.

–          Block

–          Dig: to prevent the ball from touching one´s court after a spike or attack.



Athletics is a popular sport with different disciplines:

High jump

Long jump

Hurdles (the 100 meters hurdles)

Discus throwing

Long-distance races

Maximum o top speed



ENGLISH LANGUAGE: beats, intensity, low, high, to take his pulse, to check beats, reaction time games

KEY WORDS: endurance, heart rate monitor, stretching, push- ups, step, sit- ups, strength, flexibility, speed


It,s a game played with a small ball, between two teams of seven players.

The team that scores most goalswins the match.

Each team is :

– a defender team (try to bother or obstruct the opponent-adversary team)

– and an attacking team (try to score a goal and  pass the ball at your playmates)


The playing court has two goal areas and a playing area.

The goals are inside the goal area and must have a net.

RULES – FOULS (a team commits a violation of rules).

  • The players avoid to enter the goal area (except for the goalkeeper)
  • Two many steps without bouncing
  • Holding the ball more than 3 seconds.
  • Holding or pushing or hitting the opponent player.


  • Throw in
  • Free – throw
  • The goalkeeper throw
  • The 7-meter throw
  • The throw off (at the start the game, each half, after a goal)


Como en estos últimos años, durante este curso, hemos vuelto a realizar desde el departamento de Educación Física una serie de sesiones de R.C.P (la reanimación cardiopulmonar interniveles).

En ellas realizamos una charla informativa y otra de práctica con todo el alumnado. El objetivo es enseñar y recordar los pasos a seguir en caso de encontrar una persona con problemas, como es le caso de una parada cardíaca o un atragantamiento.

Esperamos que estos pequeños cursos ayuden a nuestro alumnado a estar mejor preparado y afrontar de manera más tranquila y resuelta una emergencia.