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KORFBALL 3º, 4º, 5º AND 6º LEVEL

Here,  you can read and listen to the video about the korfball rules.



The playing surface is rectangular, having dimensions of 40×20 m if
performs in covered pavilion and 60×30 m if it is outdoors. The field of play is
divided into two equal parts by the center line of the playing field. He
Penalty point must be located frontally to the basket and at a distance of 2.5 m
Resultado de imagen de CAMPO DE BALONKORF

The posts have a cylindrical shape, 4.5 to 8 cm. of diameter, composed of
different materials (wood or metal) and are located in the longitudinal axis of the
field of play The baskets also have a cylindrical shape and
are characterized by the absence of network and any type of material that is located in the
bottom of the basket. The material most used for its manufacture is the wicker, although
also some kind of synthetic material is used, using colors that
contrast with that of the playing surface (usually intense yellow). The
Baskets have a diameter ranging from 39 to 41 cm. and its upper edge is
located at 3,50 m. ground. They are located on the poles, inside the field of play
and at a distance of 6.60 m from the bottom lines.

 The ball

The balonkorf is played with a ball of number 5, using two colors,
preferably black and white. The circumference oscillates between 68 and 70.5 cm. and weight
is between 425 and 475 grams.


Each team consists of 10 players, but they go out to play 8 (4 players and 4 players) for each team, leaving 2 as reserves. Of the 8 players that participate for each team, 4 are distributed in both zones. In both attack and defense zones, there are two players and two players per team.
Two substitutions are allowed per team and always maintaining the same number of players and players. That substituted player will not be able to rejoin the game.
5. Duration of the game
A match of balonkorf lasts 60 minutes, divided in 2 parts of 30 minutes each, with a rest of 10 minutes between both periods. Each team has 2 dead times, 60 sec. each, per party.

Specific aspects of the game

1. Characteristics of the game
1. It is a mixed sport
2. There is a complete rotation of role change (attack and defense)
3. The rules are designed to favor collaboration between team members
4. Differences in physical condition are diminished
5. The participation of the different sexes is carried out under equal conditions
6. To achieve success in the plays must necessarily rely on the partners
7. Does not require special or expensive equipment
8. The situations of teaching and learning are of great wealth
9. The aggressiveness is very controlled in this sport
10. Encourages the relationship between the sexes

 Purpose of the game

The balonkorf consists of introducing a ball completely through the basket of the opposing team, worth each point 1. The team that obtains the most points at the end of the playing time, will be considered winner of the match.
3. Development of the game
to. Initial draw
The kick-off shall be made by an attacking player from the center of the pitch at the beginning of the match, at the beginning of the second period and after each point.
b. Changing Zones and Function
There is a change of zones and function when there is an accumulation of even points between both teams: defensive players become attackers and vice versa. After the rest period, the frame is changed
of attack and will be attacked in the zone opposite to that of the first period without change of function.


Below we will cite the rules that we consider are more important to know and put into practice the game:
to. Prohibitions Touching the ball with the foot or leg intentionally Playing the ball with the fist Taking possession of the ball in a «fallen» position Running or walking with the ball but «pivoting» Play individually with the ball (dribble) Deliver the ball to a partner of the form «hand to hand» Delay the game unnecessarily Hitting or removing the ball from the opponent’s hands Pushing, hitting or obstructing an opponent Defending an opponent of the opposite sex Defending an opponent who is already being defended Throw the basket from the zone of influence Influence in a throw to basket moving the pole To move or to grab of the pole to take advantage To retain the ball more than 4 seconds To play outside of its own zone Throw to the basket with some support on the ground

Ball off

It is considered to be ball out in the moment it touches the outside line of the pitch, the ground, a person, the roof or an object that is off the playing field. When some of these situations occur, a «free kick» must be taken against the team that was last touching the ball and in the same place where the ball came from.