Third Level. KORFBALL.



To pass

To receive

To throw

To revolve around = foot landing

To cooperate

To attack

To defend. Defend one on one


Team – mate

Coed game


  • Korfball is played between two teams of eight players each.
  • This sport is designed as a gender equal sport. It is played by four men and four women at the same time.
  • Although it is similar to basketball, there are several differences between them.
  • «DEFENDED» Checklist.
    • The defender is nearer the post (basket) than the attacker.
    • The defender is in front of the attacker.
    • The defender is within an arm´s length of the attacker.
    • The defender is actively defending. i.e. trying to block or intercepting the ball.
    • Defend ONLY one on one.
  • Things you cannot do in KORFBALL.
    • Any contact or obstruction of player movement.
    • Knocking the ball out of an opponent´s hand(s).
    • Travelling. i.e. illegally moving with the ball.
    • Touching the ball with the leg or foot.
    • Solo –  play. i.e. trying to move position by throwing and catching the ball oneself.
    • Marking and defending a player of the opposite sex or grabbing hold of or moving the post.

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