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En la segunda semana de Mayo comenzará las sesiones de piscina, para ello hemos enviado una información sobre la misma. Los materiales necesarios son bañador(es mejor llevar puesto desde casa), chanclas, gorro de piscina(mejor impermeable para evitar el pelo húmedo), y material de aseo.Serán 3 semanas (3 sesiones), empezará el 7 de Mayo lunes.


Lunes 6ºD 7-14 21 de Mayo

Martes 5º E-A-D 8-15-22 de Mayo

MIiércoles: 6ºE-5ºC 9-16-23 de Mayo

Jueves: 6ºA 10-17-24 de Mayo

Viernes: 5ºB 11-18-25 de Mayo-6ºC-B (en estas clases se alternarán los días,  6ºC 11 y 25 de Mayo 6ºB 12 de Mayo y 1 de Junio.



You can see different photos and vocabulary about the U.D SWIMMING POOL


Resultado de imagen de swimming pool



to breath

out of breath

breathing exercises


to dive – to submerge


to float- to float up to the surface

in a vertical/upright position

hold/hang on a minute

to drive forward

push from the armpits

Joint rotations


Surfboard- float, mat

in a vertical/upright position

roll- somersault



to pull down – demolish- to break down

Goggles for swimming

swimming costume (woman)

swimming trunks

towel – sandal



A game of tennis is played by hitting-striking the ball in a way that an opponent can not return it. It´s played on a rectangular court by two (singles) or four (doubles) persons.



The court is divided across the middle by a net.


A tennis game starts with the server tossing the ball into the air and hitting it with a racquet. The receiver returns the ball.

If a ball touches the line it is OK.

At the end of each game the receiver get into the server and the server get into the receiver.

The ball can bounce once.


Ball, racquet,


(a player can win o lose the point).

First point -15

Second point-30

Third point-40

Fourth point-game

If each player wins three points, the score is “Deuce”. After deuce the score is advantage.

The player who wins 6 games gets a set.


Draw, heads or tails, left or hand side, service, server, good luck, cheer up, come on, go for it, you are the best.


It is a game played with a hard ball and bat, between two teams of nine players each.

Baseball is the national game of theUnited States, because it is the most popular sport there. It is played by people of all ages.

The team that scores the most runs (when a batter goes through the bases and home) wins the game.

The pitcher in the defender team throws the ball towards the batter, a player on the attacking team.

The batter tries to hit the ball into the field. If he hits the ball he then runs around the bases.

The defenders in the field try to put him out.

Batters and runners can be put out in many ways.

The catcher tries to catch the ball thrown by the pitcher when the batter doesn´t want to hit the ball or can´t hit it.

The umpire decides if the ball thrown by the pitcher went through the right zone (over the base and in between the knees and shoulders of the batter).







  • Ice hockey is a sport that is played between two teams, with skates on an ice rink. The skaters must direct a rubber disc (puck) with a long stick (stick). The number of players per team is six (five players + goalkeeper) and the goal is to score goals in the opposing goal.



The game is divided into three periods of twenty minutes.
– If at the end of the three periods the result is a draw, ten extra minutes are played, unless one of the teams scores a goal, in which case the match ends. If there are no goals, the tie is the final result.
– The main way to defend is to load.
– If a player gets into the attack area before the puck, it occurs out of play.
– Faults can be by holding, pushing, locking with the stick. Depending on the type of fault, mild or severe, the offender can be seated on the bench for a period of two or five minutes, respectively.

The court where ice hockey is played


  •  The hockey on skates or hockey patin is a sport that is disputed between two teams. The players move thanks to four-wheeled (parallel) skates and use a wooden stick or stick with curved shape to drive a rubber ball. The number of players per team is five (four players + goalkeeper) and the goal is to score goals in the opponent’s goal.




The game is divided into two periods of twenty minutes.
– When a team takes possession of the ball in its defensive zone, it has ten seconds to take it to the attacking zone.
– Passive play is, when a reasonable time has elapsed, the attacking team does not intend to shoot on goal to score a goal.
– Power-play is a penalty that leaves the team temporarily with one player less: two minutes, in the case of a blue card, and four minutes, in the case of a red card. The player returns when the penalty time elapses or when his team receives a goal.


The field where roller hockey is played




  • Field hockey or field hockey is a sport in which two rival teams compete to put a ball into the goalpost of the opposing team (goal) with the help of a stick that allows control of the ball. The number of players per team is eleven (ten players + goalkeeper). The objective is to score more goals than the opposing team at the end of regulation time.



The game is divided into two periods of thirty-five minutes each.
– To score a goal, the attacking player must throw the ball into the area.
– The penalty-corner is a penalty in which the ball must be placed on the bottom line, about 10 meters from the goal. The player who throws the penalty-corner must have at least one foot off the field of play and his teammates must remain outside the area. Five defenders, at most, including the goalkeeper, can be behind the baseline with their sticks. To get a goal in a penalty corner, the ball can not exceed 46 centimeters in height.
– The penalty stroke is a major penalty, in which an attacker throws the ball from a point inside the area, while the goalkeeper stands on the goal line.


The field hockey game grass












–          Rotate  clockwise or anti-clockwise

–          The boundary line is good/ in

–          Teams rotate each time they  serve. They switch positions.

–          You can not touch the net.

–          The referee judges


–          Game will be played to 25 points.

–          A team scores a point by grounding the ball on the opponent´s court.

–          To gain the serve.


–          End line – side line – back boundary line – boundary lines

–          Divided into 2 halves.

–          Back row – front row.


–          Serving team- opposing team.

–          Attacker (player)

–          To be on offence – The team on defence


–          Ace: point in the serve

–          Sideout: fault on the serve

–          Roof- Stuff: blocks

–          Dig: Prevent the ball from grounding

–          Kill: Spike with a point.

–          The ball contacts the floor.

–          The player strikes the ball


–          Serve: underhand and overhand serve, jump serve.

–          Pass or reception: underarm pass or bumps – overhand pass with the fingertips.

–          Block

–          Dig: to prevent the ball from touching one´s court after a spike or attack.

Athletics 3º,4º,5º y 6º

Athletics is a popular sport with different disciplines:

High jump

Long jump

Hurdles (the 100 meters hurdles)



Discus throwing

Javelin throwingResultado de imagen de lanzamiento de jabalina

relay´s races

Long-distance races

Maximum o top speed


ENGLISH LANGUAGE: beats, intensity, low, high, to take his pulse, to check beats, reaction time games

KEY WORDS: endurance, heart rate monitor, stretching, push- ups, step, sit- ups, strength, flexibility, speed

U.D HANDBALL 3º,4º,5º Y 6º

t,s a game played with a small ball, between two teams of seven players.

The team that scores most goals, wins the match.

Each team is :

– a defender team (try to bother or obstruct the opponent-adversary team)

– and an attacking team (try to score a goal and  pass the ball at your playmates)




The playing court has two goal areas and a playing area.

The goals are inside the goal area and must have a net.

RULES – FOULS (a team commits a violation of rules).

  • The players avoid to enter the goal area (except for the goalkeeper)
  • Two many steps without bouncing
  • Holding the ball more than 3 seconds.
  • Holding or pushing or hitting the opponent player.


  • Throw in
  • Free – throw
  • The goalkeeper throw
  • The 7-meter throw
  • The throw off (at the start the game, each half, after a goal)