boxing out


dribbling – bouncing


throwing – shooting the ball to make a basket


to gain possession – to lose possession

to receive a foul

to attempt

to make a basket, point, throw- to miss a throw (it goes in – it does not go in)

pivoting – stepping while holding the other foot still.

To tip the ball

to assist


inbounds (to pass the ball into the courts)

jump ball – tip off (to toss the ball up)

field goal – free throw

air ball

dunt to

man to man

zone defense

the basket is worth 3 points


basket´s rim


scoring and court makings

out of bounds

free throw line

tropezoidal line



a hoop at each end


offense team

defense team





to line up

to lay on their backs

to have feet flat on the floor

to knock away other students´ball

to divede class into 2 teams

to come off the court

to fail to score

to dribble the basketball low and keeping their eyes up

ball control coordination – hand/eye coordination

to maintein control

to alternate hands

to bounce low to the ground


Description ScoringTest 1 ScoringTest 2
1- Bounce the ball into the hoops without taking it. You get a point when you do the whole circuit perfectly well.    
2- Make baskets. Everyone throws at once but without bothering the others. You get a point for each basket.    
3- Everyone in the group collaborates on playing the game “sun ball”. You get a point for each turn    
4- In pairs. One of each pair tries to get the rebound to pass the ball to their partner. Then they throw the ball to score or make a basket. You get a point for each basket of your pair.    
5- Touch the other players´ ball and prevent them to touch your´s.    
Total scoring    
Groups of 4-6 members . 4 minutes in each exercise and 2 minutes between exercises.


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