Acrosport. First, Second and Third Level

This week we start a new unit called ACROSPORT.

ACROSPORT is a part of Gymnastics. It is a team competition accompanied by music.

Teams must create different structures and build human pyramids in time with the music.

ACROSPORT is a sport that needs physical strength, stamina, rythm, coordination and balance. It´s  a team sport, so your partners  DEPEND  ON YOU. 

It combines the beauty DANCE and ACROBATICS. Gymnastic skills add excitement to the exercises. Acrobatic show grace, strength and flexibility.

CHOREOGRAPHY and SYNCHRONISATION add beauty and creativity to each exercise.

To sum up, the STRENGTH, the FLEXIBILITY, the BALANCE and CONCENTRATION are extremely relevant for a good performance.

Here you can watch some videos connected with the topic. Enjoy them. In addition you can read some interesting english vocabulary.

Form groups                                                       Skills

Imitate                                                                    Grace

Perform                                                                  Helper

Lying position                                                     Lifter = stronger partner

To be aware                                                         Agile = lighter partner

Transition                                                             Face to face

Invent                                                                      Back to back

First, second, third, fourth,……              On all fours

Sticks                                                                        Kneeling

Rehearse                                                                Sitting down

Carry out


To be held





Face up / Face down

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